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Eko-Wtór® Sp. z o.o.
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Scope of operation

Eko-Wtór® Group has been present on the market since 2002. The companies forming the group are engaged in wholesale and retail collection, sorting, baling and recycling of wide assortment of recyclables.

Our company's primary focus is recycling of LDPE film, the product used to manufacture high quality LDPE regranulate through the application of increasingly advanced machinery stock.

Our cooperation within the field of waste collection includes renowned Polish and foreign companies across Germany, Austria, Slovakia and China. We maintain cooperation with Poland's largest Collection Organizations. We always take into account environmental education by providing professional advice at kindergartens, primary schools, junior highs schools and by teaching how to sort waste and keep the environment in shape.

We own specialized waste collection and transport equipment as well as any necessary permits available for download under the "Company documents" tab.

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